- Many bulbs created by Greek scientists found near Athens

- What is believed to be the first bulb found in dig site at Greece

- Roman bulbs

- Persian bulbs

- Ottoman bulbs


- NT Yuria Bulb (First Telsa bulb)

- NT Spergy w/ Yuria Heater

- NT-3 Coil Bulb

- NT Dimitri-9 Bulb

- NT Dimitri-9 w/ Coil Socket & Heater


- The Wilson Bulb (First Edison bulb)

- The Wilson-2 Bulb

- The Wilson-3 Bulb

- TD-McSkipper Bulb (First bulb available for household purchase)

- TD-General Washington w/ "Pam Bam" Stanford Socket


- GP4 Atom Bulb

- GP4 E=MC B2 Bulb

D7-B BULBS (First commercially successful light bulb company)

It is worth noting that D7-B always used the General Use's socket.

- D7-B General Use Bulb (First mass-produced bulb for household purchase)

- D7-B Coil & No Burn Bulb (Contained chemical that prevented the bulb from heating up, safe for kids)

- D7-B 6-WATT Bulb w/ No Burn

- D7-B 8-WATT King Bulb w/ No Burn

- D7-B 8-WATT General Use Bulb w/ No Burn (After about a month of use, the No Burn chemical would ignite as the General Use bulb wasn't suited to use No Burn technology. This fatal error caused the company to go bankrupt)

Since D7-B went bankrupt, the light bulb market had no dominating company. Every light bulb company scrambled to get something to win the masses over out the door. Since there were so many new bulbs, I'll only list the most significant.

- Martin Premium Bulb (Contained cyanide)

- GG-42 Bulb w/ Hefter's Heaters (Hefter's Heaters got too hot and caused the light bulb to explode)

- UZ-UD Cheap & Convenient Bulb (Too cheap, bulbs were very fragile)

- ElvisBulbz GG Rock & Bulb (Won the market for ElvisBulbz)

While ElvisBulbz Inc. still plays a major role in lightbulb development and production today, the open market has attracted new companies to dip their fingers in the business.


- Sony Bravio Yu T-9 Bulb

- Sony Bravio Yu T-9 Bulb v2


- Panasonic 3DTripleQX-800PF Type II Mach 7 CCYU P-Incandescent bulb

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